#2 Episode: "3 Thoughts to Launch into a Productive Season" includes resource links


Okay, so let’s begin today’s podcast with some encouragement!

This week’s encouragement comes from a LIVE video on the bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast Community Facebook Group where I shared tips on how to “Purge to be Productive”.

Today’s encouragement comes from Holly - who shared -

"I so needed this about doing things in "little bites." The purge/productivity has really been on my mind. Our environments are so important...and clutter creates stress. My office also doubles as Clara's playroom. I am in the middle of purge, as well as painting the house to make it a more "cheerful/motivating" environment. Great message!"

As I read Holly’s comment I knew that I wanted to dive further into this concept of “Purge to be Productive” - Thank you Holly for your comment and we are going to get to this subject today!

Today we are going to think on…

“3 Thoughts to Launch into a Productive Season” so that you can truly create what I call…

“enjoyable productivity” - approaching getting things done with a purpose to fulfill the plans that God has for you, which includes making your life and other people’s lives easier.

In order to change your habits you must change the way you think about those habits.

Thought #1 - “Little Bites of Productivity”

What does this look like?

Think of doing tasks and projects in 15-45 minute increments.


  • cleaning out a drawer in a room instead of the whole room
  • cleaning out a 2-3 files in your file box instead of the whole file box
  • clearing one area of a closet instead of the whole closet
  • writing a page instead of a chapter calling 3 clients instead of the full list.

BREAK the Myth: “I have to get it all done!”

Instead think - “Make Your All Small!” - (I will share this concept in detail in an upcoming podcast)

Thought #2 - “Purge to be Productive”

Remember what Holly said… "clutter creates stress”. This is why I am encouraging you to “Purge to be Productive” this means make room for margin.

EXAMPLE... 3 times a year I schedule a purge

  1. Once at the end of the school year in May
  2. Once at the beginning of the school year in July/August
  3. Once at Thanksgiving time

Thought #3 “I Do Not Plan”

What? - Yes! Say it with me…Instead Generate a Plan!

But HOW do you Generate a Plan?

I have created a tool to help you do this!!!

It is actually my #1 Productivity Tip - I call it --->“Review Preview” and I created a guide and checklist to help you implement it in your life too! 

Click here to download my...“Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist” 

For more resources go to - www.bencouragedtoday.com and get ready to bENCOURAGEd Today! ________________________________________________________________________

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