Wednesday's Word of Encouragement

DO - verb

\ ˈdü \

1: to bring to pass : CARRY OUT

2: PUT



5: to bring to an end : FINISH —used in the past participle

6: to put forth : EXERT

7a: to wear out especially by physical exertion : EXHAUST

8: to bring into existence : PRODUCE


"But do not forget to do good and share for with such sacrifices God is well pleased."

~Heb. 13:16 NKJV

What we do is a reflection of who we are. Actions bring about results - good or bad. As a productivity coach I am a big advocate for producing or doing, but it is even more important to analyze what we do, so that what we are doing is producing a fulfilled life.

As a Christian I endeavor to produce work that honors God. Sometimes I may not want to work on a project, complete a task, or even get out of bed - I do enjoy sleeping in - BUT I must not forget to do good - do what is right - do the thing that I know will move the plans God has for me forward.

Even more than tasks, projects, or waking up we should do good towards others. One way to do good is to encourage. Here are some ways that we can do good - encourage others, so that we can fulfill the plans God for all of us.

  • Write notes - From thank you cards to encouraging letters we can encourage family, friends, clients, and even ourselves when we write to others.

  • Pray for others - Take the time each day to pray for someone other than ourselves opens opportunities of ideas on how we can bless those we pray for.

  • Bless someone - When we give gifts - either something that we buy or something that we have that is special to us - we inject encouragement into another person's life

But HOW can we remember to do good?

~Writing down what we should do is the best way to remember what we should do.

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