Wednesday's Word of Encouragement


\ ˈhelp \

transitive verb

1: to give assistance or support to

2a: to make more pleasant or bearable : IMPROVE, RELIEVE

b archaic : RESCUE, SAVE

3a: to be of use to : BENEFIT

b: to further the advancement of : PROMO

“I Helper.” When my son was about two years old - this is how he would describe himself to me. From the time he was a baby I would often ask him if he would like to help me. Sometimes it was hard for me, because it took less time to do my tasks myself than to involve him. But I kept reminding myself that I wanted him to know that he was helpful. Over time he began to identify himself as a helper - given himself the very title.

In all my years of working and serving with people I have learned that, for the most part, people want to be known as helpful. Working in the training and development field for years I noticed that those people who did not feel that they were helpful often under performed and eventually quit.

While there are people who choose to be lazy, most people just need encouragement - that they are valued - in order for them to be productive. When my employees left my team I learned to ask the important question: “Was there anything that I could have done better on my part?” Even in the most extreme cases - where people simply fired themselves - I always grew-up on my end when I asked this question, because encouragement is an ever developing area for us all.

We can all look for opportunities to allow the badge of “I Helper” to be worn proudly. As I write this I am reminded of how helpful it is to allow others to be helpful. Being helpful gives someone a reason to bENCOURAGEd, but we must bENCOURAGEd to allow others to help.


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