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\ ˈplan \

1: a drawing or diagram drawn on a plane

2a: a method for achieving an end

b: an often customary method of doing something : PROCEDURE

c: a detailed formulation of a program of action


3: an orderly arrangement of parts of an overall design or objective

4: a detailed program (as for payment or the provision of some service)


transitive verb

1: to arrange the parts of : DESIGN

2: to devise or project the realization or achievement of

3: to have in mind : INTEND


Plan is a noun and a verb, understanding both are important to be Productive! My favorite noun definition is “a method for achieving an end”. A plan must have a process and a finish line. Often I speak with people who are frustrated that they have not been able to begin to fulfill a dream and many more who are struggling to finish or complete one. This is very common, but at the root of both challenges is the absence of a clear plan. Once we have the noun of plan in place or - “a method for achieving an end” - we can then plan as a verb to - “arrange the parts of: design”. Both the noun and verb versions of plan help us be Productive.

These definitions are one of the reasons that I wrote my book FLIGHT. The G in FLIGHT is GENERATE A PLAN - you can learn more about this in my...

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But as for the designing of a plan the L in FLIGHT stands for LINK ACTIONS TO IDEAS. One of the most important things that we can do is to ask the right questions regarding our God-given dreams. When we ask the right "Connector Questions" we can apply those answers - creating a path to our destination.

Do you need a plan? Do you need help applying that plan?

If so I believe FLIGHT can help you!

I believe in you and the plans that God has for you!

  • be Inspired with these words.

  • be Productive in reaching out to develop the means inside of you.

  • be Fulfilled by applying a method for achieving an end.


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