Wednesday's Word of Encouragement



sys·​tem | \ ˈsi-stəm \

1: a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole

3a: an organized or established procedure

4: harmonious arrangement or pattern : ORDER

A goal or task can be easily broken without proper systems to keep it going. Systems are all around us - water being turned into electricity is a system; lights changing colors to flow traffic is a system, social media interconnecting our posts is a system.

These systems seem vast and complex, but all systems do not have to be like this - we can have simple systems. When we apply simple systems in our individual lives we become more productive and help others around us be productive too. Here are some example of simple systems:

Mail System - When mail comes into your house everyone knows it goes into the “mail bin” - this prevents mail from being misplaced. Also, this increases the frequency people in your house are willing to go get the mail - so you do not have to say - “Am I the only person who gets the mail around here!” :)

Name the Day system - Instead of having an elaborate list of priorities for each day use alliterations to remember. Here are some examples: Wednesdays work on websites, study wisdom in a growth area, wipe down all the wood in the house; Thursdays keep a thank you log writing down how you were blessed and highlight if you thanked them; Friday work on financial deposits/cleaning fans and floors/fun family time; etc. This system makes it easier for everyone to remember priorities - plus you come up with your own alliterations that help you remember!

Out Box Your Inbox System - I have used and taught others this system for years. Can you see the space at the bottom of your email inbox? Is that possible? YES! And it is so encouraging to see!

Those little boxes (email or paper) do not have to rule us if we put some “rulers” in place.

Here are three of my SIX RULERS to Outbox Your Inbox

Ruler #1 - Two- Minute Touch - If we can touch it or click it and take care of it in two minutes or less, do it. Most of the time that we spend going through our inboxes is spent retouching the same papers or emails over and over.

Ruler #2 - Two Choices - Should I keep it or delete it? When we look at our inboxes, we simply need to ask this question and make a decision. We do not need to be bogged down by decisions that are over complicated.

Ruler #3 - Action or Information - If we decide to keep it, then we should leave it or put it where we can retrieve it. It should stay in our inboxes if we need to take action within twenty-four hours. If it is going to take more time than that, then it is information that we should create a folder for and file it so as to reference it later.

When we create systems we become more productive which helps us bENCOURAGEd Today, so that we can encourage others!


"Productivity is generated through accountability"


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