Wednesday's Word of Encouragement

ARM - noun

\ ˈärm \

1 : a human upper limb

2 : something like or corresponding to an arm

5 : power, might

6 : a support

9 : a functional division of a group, organization, institution, or activity


| \ ˈfəŋ(k)-shən \

1 : professional or official position : occupation

2 : the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists : purpose



“It is God who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect.”

Ps. 18:32

From a hug to a hand up we can give encouragement - actually we are designed for it! Our arms are meant for more than manual labor. The strength that we have been given is to help others.

Think about the uses or functions of our arms - Firemen pulling a person to safety; Parents lifting a child who has fallen; Friends hugging to show support; Heroes punching an enemy to protect the innocent; Spotters extending backup in case the weight becomes too heavy to bear. God is love, therefore if He arms us let us use His strength to bENCOURAGEd, so that we can encourage others.

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