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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

~Tying details to ideas

          When I think of being Creatively Specific, I cannot help but remember the story of Jacob from the Scriptures.  Jacob was not perfect, but he was a man who learned to seek God so that he could arrive at his dream destination.  Jacob had a God-given dream to take possession of a land that, at the time, he was leaving.  If he had stayed where he was and admired the land that was to be given to him, he would never have received it. 

          Jacob was not able to wrap his head around how that God-given dream was going to become a reality.  Instead of focusing on the dream, he did something that was so powerful: Jacob moved forward and trusted God. 

          God continued to give Jacob connector dreams along the way to the big dream He had planned for him.  Dreams – like who to marry and how to succeed in business – were placed in Jacob’s heart accompanied with the ideas for how to fulfill them.  Jacob thought Creatively Specific thoughts and took action as he began developing the Means of how to LINK ACTIONS TO IDEAS.  Each idea linked to actions helped fulfill these connector dreams until – over time – he arrived at the ultimate destination God had planned for him.  Jacob’s ideas are some of the most Creatively Specific ideas ever written. 

          One of the ideas that God gave Jacob helped him and his father-in-law employer divide their livestock evenly.  His idea produced results.  He was able to LINK ACTIONS TO IDEAS in a Creatively Specific way so that God then put the “super” onto his “natural” actions.

          You might be thinking, “That was great for Jacob, but I still do not know how to get the dream God gave me off of the ground.”  I have found when we focus on the dream, it is hard to take action; but, when we focus on the action, the dream will be fulfilled.  God challenges us – to get moving! 

The Means of LINK ACTIONS TO IDEAS helps us to bENCOURAGED Today, so that we can encourage others!

(Reference Gen. 10 and 30 NKJV)

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