bENCOURAGEd to: be "Creatively Specific" in Your Giving...w/VIDEO Challenge!!!

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

Christmas season is a time for giving, praising, fellowship and remembering. As far as remembering, Christmas brings to mind moments from our childhood, family traditions, sweet smells, and scenes of tidings and gatherings of loved ones. Some Christmas memories are just that, a memory of a time that is not fond and should not be reflected upon, but the good news is that we can make new memories - memories that are encouraging to ourselves and those around us.

Whether our scrap booked thoughts of Christmas are pleasant or a time we would rather soon forget, we should always reflect on the good moments of God's grace and mercy. Because at the end of the day, or any time for that matter, we can bENCOURAGEd as we look back, through the pages of God's Word, and remember the first Christmas.

Sometimes, if we let Him, God can take challenging moments in our lives and show us how they can encourage us and others. Recently, as I was reflecting on one of my most challenging memories - which has turned into one of my favorite Christmas memories - God gave me an idea on how to share it with others in a way that can spread encouragement this Christmas.

“Creatively Specific” is a term I use that means to “tie details to ideas”

This Christmas let us be “Creatively Specific” together by tying more than ribbons - let us tie details to an idea so that we can encourage the stockings off of ourselves and those special people in our lives!

Take up this challenge with me - Watch this video - apply this idea - then let me know how it went through comments or connecting with me here on my website. - It is my "Most Best" wish this Christmas - HA! Watch the video to understand - I am so passionate about it I forgot how to speak HA! - But I am very serious about the impact this idea can have on all of us!

Look for my posts and SHARE it through Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and Talking with others!

Let us bENCOURAGEd - be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled this Christmas as we do something “Creatively Specific” together! I am so excited to share this with you!

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