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Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

Looking around at life on this planet, we can see that there are those who accomplish some amazing things. We all have met, seen, or heard of those people that seem to be super heroes of talent. The more visible the individual the more "ability credentials" we think that they may have been given. Although some "super-talented" folks do not become visible right away, it is true that shining stars are hard to hide because they are too bright for people to miss. Whether in our community circles or globally known most eventually surface, because their talents propel them towards continual progress.

The other day someone dear to my heart was encouraging me by edifying my husband as not only a talented person, but a "super-talented" man. Later that day I was praying about this description, and a definition came to my heart:

"Super-talented": talent that is applied and is fruitful 

I believe that God gave my husband his talents but being "super-talented" is more about what my husband is doing with them. The "super" prefix to our talent is in the application and the results. Therefore being a super, ultra or dynamic talent, is not about the unique God-given qualities that each of us posses, but rather in what we do with the unique talents that we are given.

What ARE we doing with the talents that we have been given?

When we develop our talents and apply them in the right areas of our lives and the lives of others we all can become “Super-Talented”! Thinking about this we can be Inspired; acting on this we will be Productive leading us to be Fulfilled - This will help us bENCOURAGEd Today!

HOW do we develop our talents? Check out this quick video

bENCOURAGEd to Move Forward and become Super-Talented!

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Dedicated to the most wonderful husband on the planet - Chad Davis!

Thank you for being my "Super-Talented" Co-Pilot!