bENCOURAGEd to: Begin a Montage (with video link at the end)

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

Cut! That is a wrap! The actors and crew gave a round of applause as the camera captured the last shot. Weeks of planning, days of shooting, and hours of rehearsing would produce minutes for watching. But we all knew this, yet we were dedicated to the final product - a mini movie set to music that only a montage could bind together.

In film making a montage condenses a period of time using the power of editing and music: the power of our montage actually began off screen. Back in the spring of 2011 my husband came to me about a music video that he wanted me to co-produce with him. Being married to a video director I had gotten used to working with him on training videos, ministry videos, and fun home videos, but this project was a first for us. Our friend had written a song that we and a dedicated crew were honored to bring to life on the screen. The hours put into making that video became a montage of memories that never made the final cut, but they did not have to - because friendships and lives played on.

Montages usually never reverse. In our music video there is a dream like scene where everything goes back to the beginning, but ultimately the outcome does not. On screen we can rewind our choices, but in life that is not always the case. But that is okay, because even though that montage is complete it can be time for another one to begin.

Movies are not real, but real life inspires movies. Our lives may not be playing out the way that we would like it to right now - so, what should we do? Rewind and keep playing back old scenes over and over until the lights come up and the only way out is through the exit doors? No! Let us start a new scene - one that encourages others to do the same.

We all have seen the movies where the injured athlete comes back to win the trophy; the down on his luck guy launches his own successful business; the country family dusts off their depression to save the farm, all of which are set to music and play before us in a matter of minutes. We must remember that life takes more than minutes. Minutes on screen are made up of moments. Therefore a moment can start a montage. Are you in the middle of a montage? If not why not begin a montage today.

Here are some questions to answer on how to begin a montage:

  • Everyday on set for that music video we would play the song keeping the vision for the outcome before us. What is your vision for your outcome? Write it down and let it play over and over before you

  • Think about a project that you are working on - What does it look like once it is completed? What is the outcome that you are working towards? Does it fit your vision - if not then simply readjust times, people, resources now so that it will.

  • What do you keep doing and what do you need to change to get to your desired outcome?

Once a montage is in motion then wake up each day doing something to move that montage forward. In editing, video montages take the most time and energy to produce yet they span the shortest time on screen. Yes, we should begin a montage but bENCORAGEd to see it through to the final scene.

This article is dedicated to Josh Pruno’s song “That’s My Cross”

and our dear friend Josh and the crew who helped to produce it.

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