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Years ago I opened restaurants for an up and coming company - and during that time I learned the power of strategic planning. In three years I opened thirty-two restaurants, overseeing the opening teams for most of them. One of the valuable lessons that I learned was what I like to call "CHART the Details".

Many of the principles I learned during that time fueled and fill my book FLIGHT- which is a Six Step process for developing abilities to fulfill your God-given dreams. Here is an excerpt from the "G" chapter of FLIGHT (Generate a Plan)...


* It is interesting what you learn along a journey. During that international flight to Cairo, a map of the world would periodically pop-up on the monitor in front of me. This interactive map displayed a little white airplane moving slowly to the east. The airplane seemed attached to a thread that connected dots that spanned across the Atlantic Ocean and several countries. As we moved through the air, this electronic icon moved along its charted course towards our final destination. Even if our airplane was to get a little off course, the course was there for us to go back to so that we could get to where we needed to be. For me, this visual captured what a plan is and how it works. We must GENERATE A PLAN in a similar way.

When planning, it is important to have a plan (as simple as that may sound). A vision is a dream picture of a destination, but a plan brings the details of how to get to the destination into focus. That electronic flight map detailed our course from beginning to end. When our pilot followed the details of the plan, we were able to stay on course.


"CHART the Details" is the approach, fueled from that little white airplane icon on my personal flight to Cairo all of those years ago, which has helped many people GENERATE A PLAN - taking their God-given dreams to FLIGHT. I encourage you to read and apply my book FLIGHT - I believe it too will help you Develop Means, By Connecting Wings, to your God-given Dreams.

Recently, I made a quick video to help people understand the concept of CHART the Details. I hope this video helps you to be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled - bENCOURAGEd Today!

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