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It is amazing what you can learn from someone even in the simplest of conversations. I am a mother of two young wonderful children and have a lot to learn about parenting, so when I get around a more wiser experienced mother, especially one that has raised successful - fulfilled - children, I strive to be all ears.

I remember one time going over to a friend's house and meeting one of her neighbor ladies. This lady had raised several children and proudly displayed their photos around her home. She took me through a tour of her family's life in photos from her hallways to her living room as I admired her family photo gallery and beautiful frames. She definitely had a gift for decorating, which I noticed immediately because I do not have that same talent. Her frames not only looked elaborate and classy but also perfectly complimented her home decor.

As we walked into her living room, above her mantel of coordinated arrangements, I noticed an unusual medium sized frame hanging on her wall. There, displayed for all her guests to see, was a strange looking picture frame. This frame did not have perfectly placed jewels or sterling silver inlaid carvings like her others, but instead was crooked with visible glue spots and what looked like Popsicle sticks protruding out of the corners. It was evident, because of the location of this particular frame, that this was her favorite one. I asked her to tell me about this unique centerpiece. Her eyes lit up and she told me a detailed story about how her kids had come together and made this for her, because of her love for pictures.

It is interesting that even though I was only in this person's house for a few moments and I have not seen or talked to this person since, I still remember something profound that she said. After she finished telling the story of her precious gift she said, with tears in her eyes, "The picture that makes this frame is so special because it is framed not by wood, glass, or beautiful gems, but it is framed in love.". I might not remember all of the details correctly, but I was moved by how this mother defined love. Her children, who made that make shift frame, probably look at it and think, "Mom it doesn't match anything else, plus we all know that you like it, but you can take it down now.". But this mother saw something special in what seemed so ordinary. She put love, her definition, above any of her other treasured possessions.

Most of the time we under estimate what value a simple gift, gesture, or even a phone call can have towards another person. bENCOURAGEd and know that what you give can help others to be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled.

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