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Some words have such presence when they are uttered from some one's mouth. Descriptive words that seem to roll off the tongue can make you giggle or stand to attention. I remember when my daughter was little that her and I would snicker every time we would say "britches" and raise our brows when we would call something "crazy" ("crazy britches" would throw us over the top!) Of course there are words that alarm us just for the sake of reaction, but those shock words lose their appeal because they have no originality. I mean when everyone is using a beaver's house to describe their sorrow it loses the effect. Now if you were to say "crazy britches" every time you were stressed, I know I would take notice.

I love words. I am a sucker for listening to the written or spoken word. I especially like listening to witty wordsmiths who take pleasure in the descriptive arts. I am not referring to those whom just talk to hear themselves talk (either in written or spoken form...because writers are just speakers on mute). I am speaking of those talented people who can convey thoughts in words that jump off the page as a picture. Those who's timing, either in print or speech, elegantly or comically "nail" the message or point simply by the delivery.

There are so many great think conveyors out there, but one tops them all - God. Shakespeare has elegant sonnets, Jane Austin gets the Oscar for the never ending description, Martin Luther King Jr.can brush words into a painting, Jimmy Stewart can stutter his way into your heart, Billy Graham can stir you to walk an aisle toward your salvation, my Pastor can cut you with truth words while you giggle and grow, but even he can not compare with the power of speaking four words and creating the light of the world.

Where do you begin with God's ability to form a sentence. You don't, so I just jump in with one word..."Get". Let me explain...

I grew up in Dallas, TX until I was nine and we moved to a farming community in Kansas. Those years on the farm we used the word "Get" as a motivator to move animals. "Get" was also used to describe unbelief like "Get out of here" or "Get out of town" and when you live in the middle of rural Kansas and someone says that, you really consider that option. But Jesus really got things done with that three letter word, which is always better than accomplishing nothing with a four-letter one. Concerning the enemy, on several occasions, Jesus told him to "Get", and got results, unlike my futile attempt to move farm animals into a barn. Jesus spoke the words "Get up" to a man who had been trying to take a wholly swim for three decades and was motivated by those two words to finally take the plunge. Jesus commanded his disciples to "Get" twelve baskets, which held the scraps from a little boys lunch, which happened to feed 5,000 people that all forgot to pack snacks. Then there are the implied "Gets", like "Get" me some mud to heal the blind; "Get" this stone out of stinky, (Martha's words about her own dead brother not mine), Lazarus' way; and "Get" these vases filled with water the wedding party is not over yet.

Simple words are powerful, but the power comes from how we choose to use them. We can not control what other people say, but we can control what comes out of our mouths. “Getting” this concept can change our lives - it can help us bENCOURAGEd, so that we can encourage others!

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