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Being accountable is the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions; that then positions us to take ownership of those very actions. Our ownership of our God-given dream will determine whether we just “have” a dream or whether we “fulfill” a dream. Once we take responsibility for our actions, we can produce the results needed to take our God-given dream to FLIGHT.

FLIGHT is the name of my book, but it is more than a name it is an acronym for:

F orward Thinking

L ink Action to Ideas

I nvolve Those Needed

G enerate a Plan

H ave Accountability

T hanksgiving

These are the Means of FLIGHT. Means are the abilities God has already given us to fulfill the plans He has placed on the inside of us. God believes in us, because He knows what we are capable of fulfilling these plans - He trusts us with them - our part is to develop abilities so that we can fulfill those plans - for us and for others.

Taking to FLIGHT is fun, exciting, and full of passion and accomplishments, but it is nothing if we do not generate productivity.

Productivity is generated through accountability.

To HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY, we must remind ourselves, as many times as needed, to “whom” we are to be accountable. When God gives us a dream, He needs us to fulfill it - He needs us to produce - He needs us to HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY. And not just for His sake, but for ours and for others!

Thank God that because we are willing to fly on Wings of productivity, He is now able to help us HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY. Let’s put on our FLIGHT goggles because we are going where few have gone before: not into the wild blue yonder but higher than most are willing to travel. We are going to an attitude where we can develop the Means of HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY.

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This will be such fun as we connect each Friday to increase our productivity through accountability! Let me encourage you more with this quick video of 3 Tips on accountability and Facebook Announcement!

I hope these resources help you to be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled - bENCOURAGEd Today!

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