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Knights pull their swords as they ride gallantly upon their steeds. Gleams of light reflect from their silver armor while they fearlessly race through the woods towards an open field. Faster they gallop across the meadows catching a glimpse of the castle that no longer eludes their journey. Nothing will stop these mighty heroes, for they will die to protect the honor of even one captured innocent maiden. Raising their swords, one knight pauses as his eyes fall upon a group of onlookers at the top of the next hill. This knight breaks from the pack and trots up to the townspeople. He dismounts and proceeds to explain what the knights are doing and the importance of honor, but during this moment of boasting He is left behind and does not fulfill his honorable duty. Honor is more about action and less about talking about it.

The word honor means to value and sometimes we show value through our words and at other times it is in keeping silent that honor is shown. There are so many ways to publicly honor, either in action or words, however God may ask us to honor someone in private. The good news is that whatever God asks us to do He will give us the ability to do it. We must honor Him first by seeking His orders so that we are able to fulfill the mission that He has before us - and part of that mission is to honor.

So HOW can we honor others?

One great way to honor someone is to partner with him/her. The word "carry" gives a wonderful description of partnership. Check out this video on "3 Carries" of Partnership"...

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