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My book FLIGHT is an acronym for Six abilities that when developed, will help us fulfill a God-given dream. The "T" , in FLIGHT, stands for THANKSGIVING. In order for us to give thanks we must remember to be thankful. Here is a practical tip to help us do that...

Excerpt from FLIGHT


Keeping a close list of counted blessings along the way helps

us also to “Measure it so that we can treasure it” as well as finish the

work needed to fulfill our God-given dream. THANKSGIVING

is not about keeping score to compare our journey with someone

else’s but rather helps ensure that our environment is the best that

it can be. From giving to receiving, an important quality of fulfilling

a God-given dream is counting our blessings.

As far as logging the blessings along our journey to our

destination, we should make it easy. Whether we keep a notepad

or an electronic version, we can categorize our counted blessings

by month and year. Such categorization will help us see the

connection between blessings and our productivity. Regularly

viewing the Blessings FLIGHT Log will, in and of itself, be a

blessing to us. Even during those times when we encounter

turbulence, our eyes can stay focused on the good things that

God is doing for and in us. We will surely treasure those things

that we measure.


What does it mean to have a "Blessing Log"?

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