bENCOURAGEd to: Make a Place in Your Space - another "Little Bite" Tip!

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

When you sit down to read a book, listen to a podcast, or jump on a Zoom call do you ever think…

“Oh my goodness, this space is stressing me out!”


“This space is not going to work for me to get anything done!”

bENCOURAGEd, because you are not alone!

Especially during this season, our spaces are all up in our faces. But let's turn our B I G spaces into "bite-sized" solutions. I believe in smaller solutions to bigger problems - I call them “Little Bites” - Big problems can stress us out, but “Little Bites Make You feel Good!”

Here is my “Little Bite” Tip

- Make a Place in Your Space

No matter how much square footage we own all of our homes seem small right now - because we are “all up in our space”. So we need to create smaller places in that space in order to increase our productivity and reduce stress.

How do we do this?

Here are 3 places that you can create...

1. Zoom Place - If you need a place to shoot a ZOOM video - pick a corner in your house that you can designate for all your Zoom calls - decorate it, clean it, and test it. Then repeat it - Use this space for all your Zoom calls. Let your family know where and what this place will be used for so that it can remain the same. Then when it is time to Zoom - simply go to that place over and over again without having to rethink it each time. Will this ensure that you will never experience interruptions? - NO - but it is one less thing that you will have to think about!

2. Prayer Place - You need a place that you can go each morning to pray in order to begin the day. This place will not happen by accident - you must designate a quiet place for you to focus. I recommend having a comfortable seat - recliner, love seat, or even a fold out chair with a seat cushion will do - the key is that it is comfortable. Also, have a table or T.V. tray to put your morning drink and supplies on. Soft lighting is helpful too. With these elements your place will call you back each day.

3. Work Place - Working from home can be stressful if you do not designate a place. Keep all your work folders, supplies, and computer in your place (or at least let this be their home - if they leave you always put them back before bedtime). Having all of your work items in a designated place helps you keep track of your work so you can reduce stress and increase your productivity. It also sends a message to your family that when you are in that place you are working, but once you leave it you are ready to engage in family time. This non-verbal communication is huge for those who work at home - which truthfully are all of us!

Even more “Little Bite” tips coming soon….


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