bENCOURAGEd to: Move from "Going" to "Doing" - Valentine Video Challenge!!! (W/Video!!!)

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

Often it can seem as if we are “going” from thing to thing to thing to thing. Movement is not productive all by itself. We must remember to be purposeful in order to be productive.

So, how do we transition to productive movement?

It begins with planning, which motivates movement in the right direction. Plans also limit the overflow of movement - it sets boundaries - creating discipline in motion. In order to fulfill our God-given dreams we must be...

~ purposeful in our planning

~ motivated in our movements

~ disciplined in our decisions

Planning - movement - and decisions

This is how to move from “going” to “doing” to fulfill the plans God has in and for us, which helps us to be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled - bENCOURAGEd Today!

Here is a great way to apply this principle...

Join me this month for a

Valentine Video Challenge!

Let's use our phones on purpose to encourage others!

Check out the video below as we do something productive together to


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