bENCOURAGEd to: Prepare to Prevent

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

"Okay we have five minutes to brush teeth, comb hair, shoes on, and grab a bottle of water for later," - "We do not have time to put Ken's head back on, we are running a little late no time for major surgery until 3PM," - "Honey, (shouting from the passenger side of the car inside the garage as my husband runs back into the house for the third time to get something that I have forgotten), it is in the upstairs bathroom above the top shelf under the empty basket inside some box that has a label that I can not remember....please hurry, we need to be there by 6PM."

I remember a time when there was a woman who slept in a little and was pouring cereal as she walked around the kitchen while telling her five year old that she would have to eat fast if she wanted mommy to put her pigtails in. By the way, that "be on time even though I was the one who chose to sleep over" lady was me.

Here is my journal entry from a day in 2009:


As I was sprinting late and frantically blow drying my hair - trying to get ready to take my daughter to her Mother's Day Out school program - a thought occurred to me, God likes to speak to me lately while I am fixing my hairdo. The thought was "slow down, even your five year old deserves for you not to create an emergency out of your lack of time management." this resonated in my heart I literally turned off the dryer and pictured my daughter looking up at me in a fireman's suit saying, "Okay mom, where is the flaming building I am ready to help put it out?". A smile cracked on my face as I put away the hair utensils, grabbed my son out of his crib, walked down the steps, and wrapped my arms around my favorite five year old. Then I whispered to her, "I love you, and we may not be right on time today, but we will get there real close, come on let's get going."

Whether it is off to school, church, an appointment, a meeting, or even a relaxed date with my husband, my procrastination of planning should never create a five alarm fire in order for us to be on time. None of us our perfect, i.e. woman with blow dryer, but we can strive daily to create an environment where peace wants to stay. Jesus said that he left us his peace, therefore we are the ones who decide to use it or not.

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you..."

(John 14:27 NKJV)


Before I had children I was as on time as a coo-coo clock - however when my children were small I was just coo-coo most of the time. Life has seasons and we must remember to allow for seasonal change. Mercy is important during our seasonal transitions, but we must not use mercy as an excuse once we transition to a new season. Staying coo-coo your whole life is no way to manage your time.

My kids are older now and sometimes I find myself reverting back to my coo-coo clock days, only to re-examine how I am managing my time. The real craziness is when we allow the schedules that we put together to make us crazy, because we usually did this to ourselves.

I have and continually apply the thought process to Prepare to Prevent. The more prepared that I am the better I can prevent craziness to come into my schedule. Yes - unexpected circumstances come, but with prepared cushion time my little coo-coo bird can prevent losing its’ peace. Peace will only remain when we prepare for it's arrival. Here are some ideas on how to Prepare to Prevent:

Prepare by being still for a few moments of devotional time

Prevent a short fuse throughout the day

Prepare by looking over calendar and to do list

Prevent forgetting important appointments and dates

Prepare by having at least two sets of clothes planned out for the day

Prevent wasted time in case of a wardrobe malfunction

Prepare by making meals or lining up meals for the day or week

Prevent breaking the budget and being disappointed at the end of the month

Prepare by scheduling time to play or relax

Prevent blaming others for expecting too much of you

Being prepared helps us to prevent our clocks from being wound to tightly. Of course, being a little coo-coo is part of our humanity, but even a coo-coo bird must go inside to rest. In all seasons let us bENCOURAGEd to Prepare to Prevent so that we can be Inspired, be Productive, and be Fulfilled!

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