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bENCOURAGEd Today is focused on helping you fulfill the plans God has for you - this includes leaders and business owners. In order to fulfill our God-given dreams we must surround ourselves with a "Dream Team", because - It takes a team to fulfill a dream. But where does that team come from? For years, I trained leaders how to interview and hire the right people to fulfill their goals. Interviewing and hiring takes time, money, and resources, so it is important to go into it with the mindset to keep the people hired - A revolving door of employees and volunteers can cost us more than we are willing to give - our God-given dream!

In my book FLIGHT I share a way to approach interviewing and hiring that increases productivity in the area of staffing and retention. It is called "STOW". Let me explain with this excerpt from my book...


In FLIGHT phraseology, to go, we must STOW when considering a team. One area in which I loved to teach when I was training managers was the area of staffing and retention. Having someone join a team is one thing, but keeping them around is a whole different level. While conducting exit interviews for a company, I learned that - people leave people - not companies, businesses, or organizations. Taking the time to consider people on the front end is a worthwhile investment for everyone involved.

People are the core of God’s heart. As stated before, if we want to fulfill the plans God has for our lives, we must put people at the core of our heart, too. Doing so does not mean that when we INVOLVE THOSE NEEDED that everyone we come in contact with or know should be a part of the team to help take our dreams to FLIGHT. The “needed” part of INVOLVE THOSE NEEDED is because certain people are needed for certain dreams while others are needed to help fulfill someone else’s dream. So, how do we know if someone is a great fit to help with our God-given dream? STOW can help us.


What is STOW and how can it help us with interviewing and hiring?

STOW is an acronym that gives us - 4 Tips for Interviewing & Hiring.

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