Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

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A moment goes by and then another, but what we remember are the instances when we seized an opportunity to make a positive memory. Being “a work in progress” I try to remember to ask myself “what will they or I remember?” A memory is a powerful thing; it can either lift a person’s hopes or try and dash them. The best part about our lives is that no matter how many negative memories we think we have we can choose each day to build better ones.  Today I am reminded of a time when I chose to stop and dance.

     Our daughter looked at me, smiled through a few tears, and said, “It is okay mama, I understand you need to go.” Although she was just about to turn nine years old, her maturity far exceeded her age. The night before I had received a call that my grandmother had went on to be with the Lord. To honor her, her family, but most of all my Dad, my husband and I decided that I needed to go and be with them. The challenge was that I would need to travel on our daughter’s birthday. With family coming into town to celebrate and a party planned with her friends a few days later, this decision to leave seemed to be a heavy burden. But with God all things are possible, even for a young lady to choose joy that her mother would have to leave on her birthday, and of course for her mother to chose to go.

     Praise God that He orchestrated my flight departure for the afternoon so that I could plan a family party that morning, but more importantly so that I could stop and dance. While my husband was enjoying visiting with his family I was finishing up lunch dishes and thinking of all the things I needed to do to prepare to leave. Planning meals for my family, setting out clothes for kids various activities, and of course remembering to pack for my flight, was becoming a little too much like beat the clock. As I washed another dish I could hear our daughter upstairs singing and dancing along to a new CD that she had gotten as a present. God pulled on my heart. Cleaning could wait. Recognizing that this could either be a good memory or a missed opportunity I chose to dry my hands and go join her in her dancing. I chose to:

Stop and Dance

     Singing, smiling, and dancing we connected on such a special day. We did not think about the time that we were going to be a part. We did not think about the loss we felt for missing a loved one. We were enjoying that moment together.

     Later that day as I sat in seat C looking out my window flying high above our city instead of regret I was filled with joy thinking about the dance I had earlier that day. That moment of reminiscing could have been quite different had I not chose to stop and dance. Late that night once I arrived at my destination I called to say good night to my family. When I spoke to our daughter I told her how much that dance meant to me. Her voice smiled through the phone as she agreed.

     Taking a trip on our daughter’s birthday was not the plan I would have chosen, but we made the best of it. In order to bENCOURAGEd, so that we can encourage others, we must be willing to Stop and Dance!


"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."

(Phil. 1:3 NKJV)

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Stop and Dance!

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