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I love training and development. I remember helping my Dad coach Special Olympics while I was in high school. In my early twenties I trained employees at the restaurants where I waited tables. In my late twenties and thirties I was thrilled to teach managers and business owners leadership principles in classrooms and through videos. Whether athletes, servers, or leaders of businesses I enjoyed seeing people grow and develop. I then transferred these business principles in other areas like ministry, organizations, and personal living. I noticed that when people were inspired people become more productive and when they become more productive - in the right areas of their lives at work or home - they become fulfilled.

Being inspired, productive, and fulfilled helps us bENCOURAGEd! When we are encouraged then we can encourage others and the cycle continues!

I know that your time is valuable - this is why I try to keep my posts short.

As you know I post articles each Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesdays: I post short stories that include quick tips to increase productivity

Wednesdays: I post brief definitions with an inspirational meaning

I love words - both written and spoken. I believe we can learn and grow from both.

This is why I am launching my NEW You Tube Channel...

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Tips that when applied will help you be Inspired ~ be Productive ~ be Fulfilled so that you can bENCOURAGEd Today!