Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd: Unwind

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Tuesday's Tip to bENCOURAGEd...

     Progress can spin anytime, anywhere.  I am not talking about outward progress - the checklist being checked, the final touch being touched, or the last "t" being crossed.  What I am referring to is the type of progress that moves us forward on the inside.  I am speaking of that thing we do that undoes us, allowing us to bENCOURAGEd, so that we encourage others. The progress within the progress.  The string, that when we pull it - we twirl, come to a stop, and then enjoy winding up and going again.

     For me it is writing and reading.  When I sit down to a blank screen stress flows out with the keystrokes.  For me writing is always accompanied with reading something that challenges me to develop my character.  The combination of absorbing wisdom while outpouring revelation refreshes me.  Afterwards, stepping away from my sitting spot, it is as if I move forward in time - as if I am several feet ahead of wherever I began.  This place of personal progress prepares me for literal progress in all areas of my life.

     The interesting thing is that personal progress does not have to take a lot of time or perfect planning, it can and should be a relatively easy place to return to - that is if we create it to be.  Each week I designate time to write.  This time is scheduled, prioritized, and communicated to those closest to me so that it is uninterrupted.  For me, writing is so refreshing that I do it more than once a week.  Each week along with one big writing session I also enjoy one to two smaller ones.  I enjoy these smaller sessions by grabbing time when my family is engaged in other activities. I make sure that my desk is tidy so that I can easily jump into my writing at short notice.


     I also do this with reading.  Because I work from home I often place books that I am reading strategically around my house so that if I have a free moment I can easily grab a quick refreshment throughout the day.  Even if it is only for a few minutes, I am undone by these little bits of refreshment which help me progress.

    To bENCOURAGEd we must identify what unwinds us.  Then when we are all wound up we move forward instead of every which way.  

What is it that unwinds you?  

Reading, gardening, singing, drawing, watching something, cooking, taking a walk, playing, or perhaps something even more unique? Whatever it is, being pure of heart,  God has placed it on the inside of us. As we seek God He places desires in our hearts for us to be refreshed.  He gives these gifts to us and the only string attached is the one for us to pull - so that we can come unwound to wind back up again!

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