Wednesday's Word of Encouragement


\ ˈbriŋ \

transitive verb

bring forth

1: BEAR - brought forth fruit

2: to give birth to : PRODUCE

bring forward

1: to produce to view : INTRODUCE - brought new evidence forward

2: to carry (a total) forward

bring home

: to make unmistakably clear - brought home the importance of exercise

bring to mind

: RECALL - These events bring to mind another time in history.

The word bring, brings forth many encouraging meanings.

Recently, my family and I went on a refreshing vacation to the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Weeks prior to our trip I began a packing list (bring forth). As I remembered things to take with us I would add them to the list (bring forward). On packing day I printed my list (bring home) and began checking off items as I loaded them into our van. This list made it easy to know what to bring and what to leave behind (bring to mind). Having the right items for the right purpose made our trip refreshing and more productive.

Whether we are packing for a trip or preparing for a project it is important to bring the right things. Putting these things down on paper helps us bring forth the right items and ideas for our journey so that we can bENCOURAGEd to produce refreshing results.


"Productivity is generated through accountability"

Writing things down helps us with the "H" in FLIGHT

- Have Accountability!

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