Wednesday's Word of Encouragement

CHANGE - verb

\ ˈchānj \

transitive verb

1a: to make different in some particular : ALTER

b: to make radically different : TRANSFORM

c: to give a different position, course, or direction to

2a: to replace with another

b: to make a shift from one to another : SWITCH

c: to exchange for an equivalent sum of money (as in smaller denominations or in a foreign currency)

d: to undergo a modification of

e: to put fresh clothes or covering on

Change is a diverse word. It can apply to clothing, money, or direction, but in all cases it requires an adjustment. In all three cases we need time and will to adjust to change.

Whether it is a full replacement or a modification it is important to give ourselves an adjustment period. For years I worked in Training and Organizational Development - often under the Human Resources arm of whatever company I was employed. It is common in HR to make known to newly hired individuals and those working with them to be prepared for the adjustment. This “grace period” is generally three to six months long. The period grows longer on the scale the higher up the position the new person is taken over. This is because the change has a bigger reach - affecting more people. The most successful retention rates happen when all parties understand ahead of time that there will be an adjustment period.

The length of change acceptance - how long it takes to get to “new normals”- is up for debate, but we do know that it takes time plus the willingness to change. Time and will are easier said than done. Personally we usually give up on both rather quickly. But why? Typically it is because we become discouraged - "It is taking too long," and "I no longer want to put in the effort," - (time and will). But knowing this going into change can help us persevere, because we have a powerful tool to combat time and will


Encouraging ourselves through change helps us and others get to “new normals” in a more productive way. Encouragement creates an environment where change can thrive. Encouragement is not the only element to successful change, but without it change cannot be sustained.

Now, we should not wait around for encouragement - but rather bENCOURAGEd ourselves helping to create a winning change atmosphere. When change happens, or when we make a change, in clothing, money, or direction bENCOURAGEd - it will make the adjustment worth the time and will that it took to change!



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