Wednesday's Word of Encouragement


com·​pare | \kəm-ˈper \

1: to represent as similar

2a: to examine the character or qualities of especially in order to discover resemblances or differences

I like golf.

When I was in my twenties my Dad and brother in law taught me how to play the game. Although I have not played in years - children, ministry, organizations, business, and budget taking priority - I remember a life lesson in the game.

In golf you compete against your personal best.

As a novice I often showed up at my parent’s home asking my Dad to take me to play a round or two. Dad and I would grab our clubs and walk down to the greens in their neighborhood. We would walk the course together taking turns at the tees. I found myself struggling to swing like he would swing, to stand exactly how he would stand, to do it the way that he was doing it. He taught me that golf is a lot like life, we have to find our own swing, our own stance, our own way of doing it. This did not mean that we do things on our own, with the help of God and people we will swing, stand, and do our best in life.

Our personal best is a great indicator of how we can improve. When we examine our way of doing things, our stance, our own character - our personal bests - instead of comparing ourselves with others we can begin to develop qualities that will help us improve the way we do life. As we develop we catch glimpses of encouragement. That is when we will bENCOURAGEd so that we can encourage others to improve their personal bests too!