Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Wednesday's Word of Encouragement


to bring into existence

GENERATE A PLAN simply means to bring into existence a method to achieve an end.  If we are to bring something from somewhere it must already exist. Our plans maybe "in" us, but they should not be "of" us.  As someone who plans, I have frequently found myself putting together my methods to achieve an end. We must actively refrain from making this mistake.

Say this with me...

"I do not plan"

Trying to plan is what gets in the way of fulfilling our God-given dreams. To many people, this does not even make sense because planning is how we get things done. Our plans help us complete our dreams, right? Yes, our plans help us complete our dreams. But, we must remember the difference between being successful and being fulfilled.

We can succeed or accomplish many things by planning; but, only when we develop Means by connecting Wings to God-given dreams are we fulfilled.

This year let us change our course; let us get ourselves out of the way; let us - "Go for it!" and begin to bring God's plans out of us so they can take FLIGHT. Then we can bENCOURAGEd, so that we can encourage others!

* (definition 2a)

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And get ready, because your FLIGHT plans are about to take off!