Wednesday's Word of Encouragement



en·cour·age \in-ˈkər-ij, -ˈkə-rij, en-\

 : to make (someone) more determined, hopeful, or confident

 : to make (something) more appealing or more likely to


 : to make (someone) more likely to do something : to tell or

advise (someone) to do something

*Merriam-WebsterDictionary 2016

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

~ Thes. 5:11 NIV

Building something takes time, energy, and most of all intentionality. When we build something we are intentional about planning, communication, and putting things in the right places at the right time so that it will last. This is how we should approach encouraging others. Planning to encourage helps us be productive, while communicating encouragement helps us to be inspired. But it is the timing of all it all that helps us to be fulfilled.

Often times we do not feel like we have the time to properly encourage someone - But if we look at encouragement as a building project we can begin to encourage in smaller segments. I have a phrase called - "Make Your All Small". This means to do things in "Little Bites" - or to keep with the building metaphor - smaller construction zones :)

How can we encourage others and "build each other up"?Here are some tips...

  • Keep thank you cards in a purse, brief case, or backpack so you can write a note when you find yourself in a waiting area, train ride, or early to an appointment

  • Text a friend a quick message just to let them know you are thinking of them

  • SEND A QUICK Video message...

Let us do this last one together!

Watch this video to help you be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled...


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