Wednesday's Word of Encouragement

PRODUCTIVE adjective

pro·​duc·​tive | \ prə-ˈdək-tiv , prō-\

1: having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance

2: effective in bringing about

3a: yielding results, benefits, or profits

b: yielding or devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities


Have you ever produced anything? I mean anything - a crop, a painting, a song, a meal, a room, a bookshelf, a space, a cake, a blanket, a movie, a science project, a haircut, a team, ...a dream? Well, if I had to guess I would say that you have. We all have produced something. Hopefully something good maybe even something great. The question is: What are we in the process of producing now?

I love productivity!

I believe that...

A person producing a God-given dream can bENCOURAGEd

and a bENCOURAGEd person can encourage others.

What is a God-given dream? First, it can seem big or it can seem small but they all share the same qualities. A God-given dream is a dream that keeps returning. A God-given dream is one that blesses the dreamer and others. A God-given dream is never alone - it stimulates other dreams. A God-given dream develops means (abilities) on the inside of those who help to produce it.

Practically - A God-given dream could be: redecorating your daughter’s room before she becomes a teenager; throwing your parents a fiftieth wedding anniversary party; going back to school to get a degree; writing a book; starting a business; or clearing out your garage for your cars...the list goes on and on.

What prevents us from fulfilling a God-given dream? Are you willing to hear it? I mean really willing to hear it? As I type this I am convicted as much as you maybe. We need to HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY. If you believe in God-given dreams like me - then you believe that we are accountable to God who gave it to us. Let us not allow God’s dreams to merely entertain us, but instead inspire us to action - to be productive one God-given dream at a time.

But HOW do I fulfill a God-given dream? - There are many ways to get started, but if you want a straight forward SIX Step Process I wrote a whole book filled with inspirational stories and practical tips on how to fulfill a God-given dream - it is called FLIGHT. The word FLIGHT is an acrostic. For example the "H" in FLIGHT stands for HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY - a whole chapter filled with productive tips on emails, inboxes, planners, meetings, and more! But right now, here are two approaches that can help you take action today.

1.) If you have read and began applying FLIGHT I would love to hear from you! Helping you is why I wrote this book. Please email me a short 2-4 sentence testimony or question/s - AND if you are willing, add a sentence that gives permission for me to share it on sites like my testimonial page- highlighting readers and their businesses.

2.) If you have NOT read FLIGHT - I encourage you to get a copy today by clicking on the book image below - Inside the book is a hidden url that gives you access to FREE online resources like checklists and videos. I am currently creating other tools to help you take FLIGHT!

Do not miss out ~ order your copy today :)

As you can read - I am passionate about this, because I believe in you and the plans that God has for you!

I know that you can do it. I know that inside of you, you want to...

be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled - bENCOURAGEd Today AND

Get ready, your God-given dreams are about to take FLIGHT...

Click book to learn more!